Meet CBD’s new designer

We’re excited to announce the addition of a new member to the Cabinets By Design team, Lia Keyes.

Lia brings dual talents to the studio, having graduated from the interior design program at the Inchbald School of Design as well as the media and communications program at University of the Arts in London.

Until recently, as the owner of a lifestyle store and design studio in Los Angeles, she’s developed a variety of private and corporate design projects—from color schemes and buying antiques to masterminding the rebranding and redesign of an eco-friendly “glamping” hotel on the coast near Santa Barbara, taking inspiration from Chumash cave paintings found on the property.

“My approach to kitchen design,” she says, “is inspired by personal experience. My kitchen is where I work to keep my family healthy—if it functions well we want to be there, together, creating food which achieves that goal, because in a well-designed kitchen it is a pleasure to cook every meal.”

With her eclectic, international perspective on how to achieve that, we look forward to seeing some innovative designs from her drawing table!

She’ll also be regularly updating our redesigned website and social media pages with kitchen design inspiration, interviews, recipes, ways to organize and simplify, maintenance tips, and news of all the latest products and trends.



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